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product arrow DRS2399PK Two Pieces Pink Stripes Overall

DRS2399PK Two Pieces Pink Stripes Overall
Price Rp 283.000

DRS2399PK-283rb. Merk: H.R.M.Y Collection. Bahan: Kaos, Jeans. White Only. Size: L, XL,XXL.
*L: Inner: Bust100. Shd100. Slv18. Arm36. L52.
Jumper: Bust:98. Hips106. Thi66. L58(tanpa tali) Pjg Tali 105(bisa di atur)
*Xl: Inner: Bust102. Shd102. Slv18. Arm36. L52.
Jumper: Bust:102. Hips110. Thi70. L60(tanpa tali) Pjg Tali 98(bisa di atur).
*XXL: Inner: Bust106. Shd104. Slv18. Arm38. L54.
Jumper: Bust:106. Hips114. Thi71. L60(tanpa tali) Pjg Tali 89(bisa di atur).
Berat 410gr